recognition is the greatest motivatorLeaders who provide specific praise in the moment not only reinforce desired behavior, they lead by example, demonstrating important qualities like attentiveness, gratitude, and generosity.

Quite simply, it is their presence in action. Research shows that as much as 75% of an organization’s culture can be traced back to the behavior of its leaders. When you praise individuals, you’re creating a positive work environment that can elevate everyone’s performance. Be sure to:

1.  Be Specific

2.  Be Brief

3.  Be Timely
Specific feedback highlights the praiseworthy action taken by the employee as well as the positive impact it had on the overall outcome. Deliver the feedback clearly and simply so the employee can absorb it readily. Don’t gush on and on; that will only embarrass some employees. Finally, deliver the praise as close to the positive event as possible. Don’t save it until the formal review or a future meeting. Time will dilute its meaning.