Words of wisdom you can implement in a minute or less

President John F. Kennedy


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

 —  President John F. Kennedy

Are you a “learning leader?” Do you encourage people to participate in learning events inside and outside of the office? Do you attend learning events yourself, either as a student or as a guest speaker…or even as a trainer? As the leader you set the example. Here are 3 tips to keep your team current, fresh and knowledgeable:

1.  BE HANDS ON and help people apply what they’ve learned. Take a minute before the training to ask people what they hope to get out of the program, and then another minute afterwards to ask them what they learned. Don’t underestimate the positive impact you’ll have just by taking an interest.

2.  BE RESPECTFUL of the time and energy it takes to learn new things. Don’t bombard folks with emails or calls when they are in the classroom (real or virtual), and don’t expect them to get their regular work done in addition to what they’re doing in class.

3.  BE VISIBLE at key learning events. Kick off the program, or simply stop by the classroom and wish people a good day. If you have more than a minute, consider running a discussion group, attending the luncheon, or even leading a session. Show folks that your pro-learning message is more than just words on a page.