A dear friend sent this to me…Be the Present

So, this year I’m giving you 3 presence tips:

1. Be Careful When Texting

The December 9th Journal of Neuroscience reports that intense visual focus on something can diminish our capacity to listen. That’s right. The part of the brain that processes audiovisual cues only has so much capacity. So while you’re busy texting you literally cannot hear your child, your colleague…or that oncoming hoverboard. Choose the right moment to focus on your device, then put it on silent or put it away.

2. Be Judicious When “Nexting”

With so many things on our “to do” lists plus jammed year-end schedules, it’s really easy to get distracted by “what’s next?” before we’re even finished with what is now. We do this at work and at home. Remember, each moment only comes once and then it’s gone. Holiday memories are usually moments. Use lists to keep track of what’s next, and be here now.

3. Be Aware When Subtexting

We are always giving and receiving…non-verbal cues. Subtext is conveyed in every gesture and every vocal nuance. Think about the look and sound of patience versus impatience. Or kindness versus obligation. Or attention versus attendance. Be mindful of the signals you’re sending, especially when you’re in a hurry or overtired.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, embrace and experience each moment. It takes mindfulness, but it’s worth more than all the silver and gold!

Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season!