What Do Your Top Performers Really Want from You?

George, a successful thirty-something Marketing VP, sat in my office venting his disappointment regarding his last performance review - a review in which he was highly rated. "I got the written document in advance," he said, "but then we never had a sit down to go...

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Happy um…uh…Holidays!

Filler includes those unnecessary words and sounds people use when they want to "fill in" the dead air while trying to collect their thoughts and talk to an audience at the same time. Favorites include "um" and "uh" as well as phrases like "you know" and "right?...

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Executive Presence and Confidence

A few weeks ago, I was part of a panel speaking to executive women at ESPN. The topic they were most interested in was executive to my ears! Part of the discussion centered around presence and confidence. Specifically, one participant said "Executive...

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Why Your Presentation May Have No Power and No Point!

Are you overusing PowerPoint? Take this mini-quiz and find out: 1. Do you open PowerPoint as soon as you begin to prepare for a presentation? 2. Do you spend more time on fonts and layouts than on message construction? 3. Do you sometimes read aloud from your slides?...

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Is Your Message a Mystery?

Have you ever listened to a speaker drone on and realized the more they talk, the less you understand? Yeah, me too. It's frustrating, especially when you actually need the information buried beneath that pile of verbiage (or a pile of mangoes if you read our June...

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Ask the coach: Turning down the volume on loud co-workers

Dear Coach, I have a coworker whose voice is very loud. She has been asked by several of our more senior colleagues to please turn down the volume, but it doesn't last long when she does. I do a lot of phone work and she drowns out the person I'm trying to hear. She...

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Too many mangoes! A lesson in communicating concisely

Do you like to share lots of useful details? Have you ever been asked to "keep it short?" Do you struggle to fit your content into the time allotted? If yes, then keep reading. In a recent Heads Up Executive Presence and Presentation (EPP) skills seminar, one...

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Ask the Coach…How to handle a difficult audience

Dear Lisa, I make a lot of presentations, and my question is about handling difficult audience members. Clearly they vary. You can have someone who is completely disengaged, frowns, rolls their eyes, and is distracted by laptop/cellphone, or someone who is the...

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Ask the Coach…Tempering an over-critical co-worker

Dear Coach, I have a co-worker who doesn't know how to talk to people in a positive way. When he offers "advice" it always sounds like he is criticizing people or putting them down. The newer people on our team are starting to avoid him, and they talk about him behind...

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