Coaching Services

Our coaching solutions are practical and results-oriented, and can include a variety of standard and custom assessments as well as engagement of key stakeholders.

Coaching services are available both in person and virtually.

Executive Coaching

The backbone of leadership development, executive coaching provides laser-like focus on exactly those behaviors and competencies that today’s leaders need to reach optimum performance. We provide one-on-one customized coaching for the newly promoted leader, high potential employee, or other executive looking to tap into greater potential, performance and satisfaction.

Communication and Presentation Skills Coaching

Great leaders can inspire, educate and inform those around them. The ability to articulate a strategy and communicate a course of action is vital if an organization is to be truly aligned. Using our proven techniques, leaders can learn to create memorable messages and deliver them with confidence and impact, whether it’s informal interpersonal communication or a formal presentation. Using video-based practice, we help leaders understand their own communication style and presence, identify distracting vocal and non-verbal habits, and learn to speak and listen more effectively.

Executive Presence Coaching

What distinguishes great leaders from average leaders? It’s executive presence – the ability to hold people’s attention, attract them to the vision or mission, demonstrate sincere interest in others, and communicate with confidence, passion and precision. One’s presence can also include brand or reputation; successful leaders understand that their personal brand can drive loyalty and followership, and they work hard to sustain their brand one interaction at a time. Professional presence is a requirement for all leaders, not just executives, and our behavior-based approach to building presence is available through one-on-one coaching as well as small group seminars.

New Leader Integration Coaching

The first few weeks and months of a new assignment are absolutely critical for the newly hired or recently promoted leader. It’s a time for establishing credibility, communicating strategy, and building relationships with new peers and managers. Focused coaching can help new leaders assimilate quickly into the new environment, build alliances, evaluate staff, implement quick wins, and communicate powerfully for an extra-strong start.