Lose verbal verbosityAre you suffering from TMI Syndrome? This is the tendency to provide Too Much Information in a misguided attempt to be helpful (it’s not) or clearer (it’s not).

You can shed that excess verbosity and sound more like a leader by applying these 3 guidelines:

1.  Mind the Gap – Learn what the listener already knows and what they need to know, and close the gap. Period. Leaders know how much information is enough.
2.  Start with the Headline – Tell the listener the main point right up front, and then support it with just enough detail. Don’t make your listener wait and wonder “What’s the point?” Leaders are direct.
3.  Finish the Sentence  – Don’t connect multiple sentences with “and” or “but” or “so” — this creates run-on sentences that no one can follow, not even the speaker. Finish the sentence, pause and breathe, think about what’s next, and continue speaking. Leaders rarely ramble.
BONUS: Not sure if you’ve said enough? Check In – Pause every so often and ask the listener if the level of detail is okay for them. Adjust as needed.