Our Approach

Our practical, results-driven approach is based on three operating principles that inform every engagement. We are:

People Centered

We are people helping people to be more effective. Our approach is based on the principles of adult learning theory – i.e. unproductive behavior usually comes from faulty learning or logic, or from reinforcement in a former system that no longer holds. The successful executive is an active learner, willing to experiment and be self-critical and self-praising in the process. The effective coach or seminar leader is both active and directive, functioning as a mirror, sounding board, teacher, model and guide.

Performance Based

Executive development can include individual coaching or group seminars. Coaching is a targeted process in which we focus on the executive’s overt behavior, its causes, and its impact. It gets granular: We focus on what the executive is saying, hearing, doing or not doing in the work environment that is getting in the way of complete success. In our seminars, executives have the opportunity to learn from each other, give and receive constructive feedback, and apply new skills and techniques. Oftentimes, executives are unaware of the impact their words and actions have on others; we create a learning environment where participants can get real-time feedback on how they affect others. Identifying triggers or factors that influence unproductive behavior and creating behavior-based strategies to deal with them is part of every coaching or training engagement.

Business Focused

People in business know how to set goals, implement plans, and achieve results. Coaching is a compatible process in which the executive and coach assess the situation, explore possibilities, set specific goals with behavioral anchors, and evaluate progress in business terms. The coach keeps the executive focused, provides real-time feedback and mid-course corrections, and celebrates achievement. Executive seminars leverage a company’s development budget without compromising quality. All executive-level seminars have a low instructor-student ratio and most include both group interaction and private coaching to be sure developmental objectives are satisfied.

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