Managing the Moment – e-Book – Revised Edition 2022

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Attention leaders & aspiring leaders:

→ Have you been told that you should “work on your presence” and you don’t know what that means?

→ Or perhaps you’ve been told you have excellent presence and you should continue to leverage it…and you don’t know what that means.

→ Do you observe other leaders or professionals with exceptional presence and wish you had it too?

Advantage Best Selling Author Award from Advantage PublishingWe are excited and pleased to commemorate the success of Managing the Moment as we have been awarded Best Selling Author by our publisher. Thank you for your continued support of Managing the Moment.

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Today, executive presence is essential for anyone aspiring to be a better leader, regardless of their level, industry, or job duties. Managing the Moment explores the relationship between effective leadership and one’s style and presence. With humor, insight, and practicality, Lisa Parker demonstrates clearly that every interaction contributes to the way leaders are perceived. She makes the case for how and why leaders should manage every moment. You’ll see that the reason to strengthen your professional presence is not just about you; it’s about your team, your relationships, and the health of your business.

Using fascinating and relevant case studies and real-life examples, Lisa Parker takes the mystery out of developing professional presence and offers dozens of dynamic tools, tips and guidelines to create the kind of presence you want to create.

Advantage Best Selling Author Award from Advantage PublishingWe are excited and pleased to commemorate the success of Managing the Moment as we have been awarded Best Selling Author by our publisher. Thank you for your continued support of Managing the Moment.

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6 reviews for Managing the Moment – e-Book – Revised Edition 2022

  1. Angelica Cantlon

    Managing the Moment puts presence within everyone’s grasp. I have worked with Lisa Parker for more than fifteen years, and she is the essence of presence and positive energy. This book exemplifies Parker’s approach. Through her prose she ignites the light in others by helping them get unstuck, believing in who they are and what they are capable of. It is well grounded, practical, and insightful with can-do guidance. For anyone who wants to be a recognized leader: treat yourself to the gift of Managing the Moment and enjoy the magic.

  2. Elizabeth Lorenzini

    Parker hits the nail on the head in Managing the Moment. In this engaging book on effective leadership style and presence, she manages to simply and honestly quantify the seemingly unquantifiable. In a humorous and pragmatic style, Parker explains what presence is and its criticality not only to personal executive success, but to the success of the enterprise. Her framing of presence in terms of personal branding is insightful. These concepts can be put to work straight away – a lively and eminently worthwhile read!”

  3. Adele Puhn, M.S., C.N.S.

    We all want to come across as confident, focused and engaging, but it’s not always easy to pull that off, especially when we are in a stressed or low-energy state. Lisa Parker is right: we think we do a good job of hiding those bad days, but we fool ourselves. Managing the Moment is a clearly written guide designed to lead the reader through self-examination, awareness, and action so that leaders can embrace and demonstrate their strengths with consistency and confidence.

  4. Harriet R. Feldman, PhD, RN, FAAN

    I approached Managing the Moment with great interest, having been told at various times in my career that I possess this quality. The book offered me insights as to why others saw me as they did and offered some very practical suggestions as to how to further strengthen my presence. I had been under the impression that ‘either you have it or you don’t,’ and was both surprised and encouraged that the attributes can be learned. I plan to buy the book for members of my academic leadership team for group discussion as to how we can empower ourselves and others to develop the attributes of presence.

  5. Kevin Dolan-Del Vecchio

    A wonderful book that promises to help build presence at work and then goes way beyond that promise by delivering lessons that help the reader “be the best you possible” in all areas of life. Lisa Parker is a modern-day Niccolo Machiavelli–only better, because her style of leadership empowers all without diminishing anyone. She understands the skills that distinguish responsible leaders, describes these in simple terms, and teaches us how we can make them our own. This is a work to study and share with colleagues, young adult children, and everyone else who you want to help succeed.

  6. eKat

    “Managing the moment” is bound to become every executive’s bible in the workplace. It’s the definitive guide to both getting through the day and getting ahead. The positive tone inspires, the examples speak to you personally, and the tools create lasting solutions. The result? Making your professional dreams come true!

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