Seminars can provide immediate lift to an organization’s skill set. We can customize all programs to ensure our content reflects your company’s reality in order to guarantee successful outcomes.

Many seminars can be delivered virtually. Call us for details.

Executive Presence and Presentation Skills

Effective leaders understand that at a certain level, it’s not about reporting routine information or sharing specialized technical knowledge; it’s about engaging the hearts and minds of others. Leaders with presence “show up” in ways that are more engaging, more confident, and more persuasive. They consciously manage their personal brand to build loyalty and followership, and recognize that effective communication is their “presence in action.” Using proven tools and techniques, participants will create a baseline of understanding regarding how their presence is perceived by others, and set specific goals for the professional image they want to convey. They will make the connection between leadership and presence and recognize the business impact of effective presence. This program is intended for higher-level leaders and managers who are expected to deliver presentations that inform and inspire others. Call for details.

Presentation and Communication Skills

What makes a presentation smooth, professional and memorable? Is it possible to control nervousness? How does a presenter know that their communication hits the target successfully? This proven and highly experiential program helps participants develop clear messages in less time, target areas for improvement in content and delivery, and engage audiences. The skills and techniques can be applied to formal and informal presentations as well as day-to-day communication. Participants are video-recorded for their own use and continued learning. Call for details.

Coaching for Improved Performance

Performance feedback is a simple concept, but it’s not always easy in practice. What obstacles prevent managers from giving the feedback that they want to give and their employees want and need to hear? In this enlightening and interactive program, Heads Up will guide managers through the coaching process, analyze performance challenges, and prepare for productive performance conversations. Customized case studies can be used that reflect each organization’s reality. Call for details.

Engaging Across the Miles: How to Use Your Virtual Presence to Improve Results

A new Webinar created and delivered by Lisa Parker

Building and demonstrating excellent professional presence takes study and practice. However, some situations challenge our presence more than others, including unproductive conference calls and virtual meetings. This webinar focuses on actions and behaviors that can enhance or detract from professional presence when participating remotely. This engaging program benefits associates at all levels who must interact with others without the benefit of face-to-face. Program design can include participation through real-time participant polling, a monitored chat box, and open phone lines for Q&A at the end of the program. In our virtual world, “showing up” includes establishing one’s presence during virtual meetings. Call for details.

Building Professional Presence

High-potential and emerging leaders can dramatically increase their effectiveness by adding polish and professionalism to their repertoire of specialized skills. This highly-interactive program is intended for mid-level leaders who are at a tipping point in their careers, and who desire to strengthen their band in preparation for the next level. They do not yet make many formal presentations, but they want to mindfully seize every opportunity to shine in their day-to-day interactions. Participants will define their own “personal presence” and will give and receive constructive feedback on elements that contribute to or detract from their professional image.Call for details.

A Manager’s Guide to Effective Communication

Good managers say that they would like to communicate more, but the dual pressures of time and information overload get in the way. In this program, participants will understand the expectations of them in the context of their role; identify the information needs of colleagues, bosses and subordinates; give and receive constructive feedback on communication effectiveness; and apply techniques that provide more impact with less prep time. Call for details.