Our business has grown entirely by word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients. They trust we will deliver high quality services and that we will respect the confidential nature of our work together. Therefore, we do not publish client lists. Referrals are available upon request. The testimonials below have all been reprinted with permission.

Client Comments about Lisa Parker, Executive Coach & Seminar Leader

Lisa Parker’s customized executive development seminar provided results far beyond our expectations. She was able to create case studies and role playing exercises that truly resembled our work environment and unique financial service.

Managing Director, Risk Management Company

I entered the coaching process as a skeptic. Throughout all of this, Lisa remained steadfast that I had a job to do as COO, and regardless of [what was] going on around me, only positive things would happen if I understood my weaknesses and built on my strengths as a senior manager. Each coaching session involved me presenting real-world scenarios of issues ranging from peer-to-peer strife and difficult hiring decisions to communicating up and helping my direct reports realize their issues without bolting. In most cases, solutions were at hand, but Lisa helped me erase doubts about the proper course of action so I could be more deliberate with execution.

COO, Global Media Company

Lisa provided me with very specific advice for improving my presentation skills. I will remember these for a long time since she had an interesting way of making them memorable. I have to present in English, which is not my first language and Lisa gave me many ideas to help me express myself more clearly.

Senior Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Company

Lisa understood me immediately. She began to develop ideas and goals suited for my individual style. She is insightful, smart, and has the highest level of integrity. I always felt that she sincerely cared about my progress and about me as a person. With Lisa, I was able to let my corporate hair down. She especially understands women’s challenges in the work force. I found myself looking forward to our meetings and always left feeling empowered and more confident. A few times when I found myself in a situation that I was unsure about, I just picked up the phone and called Lisa. I received instant and focused attention and was able to use her guidance to resolve conflicts without second guessing myself.

In conclusion I would say that any professional that has the opportunity to work with Lisa will benefit greatly from the experience. I grew with her guidance and plan to continue our relationship in the future. I hold her in high regard and respect.

Publisher, National Magazine

My work with Lisa Parker has helped me personally to gain insight about myself and others as she assisted the organization with executive team development. Through our work together I have increased my ability to communicate effectively and partner with staff. Through our work with the organization we have supported the internal coaching and management processes. Lisa has worked with managers and executives at our agency to provide a broad range of services including coaching and strategic planning and her expertise helped to strengthen the agency.

Vice President, Human Resources, Non-Profit Organization

My coaching experience was very valuable to me personally and definitely helped in my career. I was going through a difficult period at work, and my boss suggested I see a coach. I thought coaching would be company-sponsored brainwash but was pleasantly surprised. Lisa was objective and empathetic and totally on my side. She offered advice that I felt good about taking and helped me to develop an approach that was right for me. Coaching gave me the confidence to be an effective advocate for myself. Since coaching I have received a promotion and significantly increased responsibilities.

Managing Director, Public Finance Company

Lisa is quick on her feet, very approachable and able to provide a comfortable learning and coaching environment. Solid business background within some top companies which makes her insights even more credible.

Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness, Publishing Company

Through Lisa’s efforts, I have both re-discovered my true interests and gained the confidence to change my previous path, simultaneously uncovering new options for the future. These discoveries are entirely due to Lisa’s unique talents. Thank you again for so positively impacting my life!

Young Professional in Transition

Lisa, many thanks for making last week’s presentation training so much fun and really very useful. I learned how to improve my presentations in terms of content and delivery, while also learning a lot about myself in the process.

Vice President, International News Organization

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. This was really one of the very best teleconferences we’ve had and was packed with valuable information.

Director of Training, Healthcare Company

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