January Joy…

Lisa Parker | Executive Coach | Heads Up Coaching and ConsultingRegular readers will recall my offer in December for a free coaching session during the month of January. A big “Thank You” to all of you who reached out, reconnected, and ramped up for the new year! What a joy!

Speaking of joy, my family moved from New York to Connecticut about five years ago to be closer to family. It was a great move for us, and I kept my Rockefeller Center office open and used it as my home base whenever I was in the city.

Well, as the pandemic closed some doors, it opened others. We couldn’t meet in person, however, so many people are now comfortable with Zoom and other video platforms that we’ve been able to do really effective coaching — even presentation coaching — from the safety of our homes. We’ve even migrated our presence seminars to virtual! This is the new normal, and I don’t expect it to stop even post-pandemic, so I have decided to close my NYC office after 16 amazing years.

For most of you, the biggest change will be my NYC phone number starting with the iconic area code 212 will no longer be available and will no longer roll to my CT office. Direct dial is now 860-758-4602.

For those of you headquartered in NYC, once it is safe to meet in person again we will simply meet in your offices instead of mine.

This was a bittersweet decision. I loved my second home at the Rockefeller Group Business Center, and 45 Rock is a gorgeous building*. If you’re in midtown, stop in and just take in that amazing lobby. I never got tired of it.
Warmest regards to you all! Let me know how you’re doing.

*This link to the 45 Rock lobby shows you one of the many art installations we were lucky enough to enjoy.