“Work Life Confidential” Voice of America Radio Host, Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, interviews Lisa Parker to learn why people don’t speak up at work.ken dolan and lisa Parker

Listen to “Work Life Confidential” episode: Showing up courageously at work

You’ve probably attended those “town hall” meetings where, when it comes time for Q & A, only a few souls—most of whom have been put up to the task by HR—ask a question or venture a comment? Or maybe you’ve heard stories like the one a friend shared with me. He told me that, after hearing from several of her direct reports, a senior leader said to them, “I really want your thoughts, so can somebody please say something that goes beyond repeating and agreeing with what I’ve already said?” Why are we so frightened of sharing our thoughts and opinions? What are we afraid of? Join Lisa Parker, author of Managing the Moment: A Leader’s Guide to Building Executive Presence One Interaction at a Time and President and Founder of Heads Up Coaching and Consulting, and me for a frank conversation on fear and courage in the world of work. We’ll talk about what stops us from sharing our thoughts and, perhaps most important, what we risk by remaining silent.